How Easilly You Can Reset Gmail Password ?

Having a Gmail account is somewhat necessary for various users who want to use the internet to accomplish their activities. This account is one of the most secured accounts that is available in this world for free. It has multiple layers of security and among them, the most useful one is password security. This method is most famous for any user as it keeps their data safe from the reach of any user. 

However, this sometimes turns ugly when the actual owner is locked out of the account due to the non-possession of the correct password. In this case, you should use the account recovery method by using the available items that can confirm your identity. As Gmail requires any users to verify the identity to get access to the password reset section and complete the recovery of your account.

Here, you should follow the complete process that is given here to get information about its curricula steps.

  • First of all, visit the official Gmail website by launching that on an internet browser to start the recovery process.

  • Now, visit the account login section and enter the email ID or linked phone number in the username section.

  • In the next section, click on the Forgot Password link to begin the account recovery process of Gmail.

  • Next, you will gain lots of account recovery methods and you need to choose one of them to finish your recovery.

  • One of the primary methods is the use of the phone number to recover your account.

  • Alternatively, you can send an email with the identity verification code and enter the booking process.

  • Now, use the verification code appropriately and recover your account by reaching that section.

  • In the end, you should finish the account recovery by resetting its password and enter that again.

It is quite clear that you should recover your account by using the official details. If you are confused and want to know about the process of How To Reset Gmail Password, contact its support to gain extra information. You can achieve this process easier by using the expertise of this support representative.

How Do You Change Your Gmail Password ?

In some instances, a user needs to increase the security of your Gmail account by modifying the existing password of the account. You just need to follow a process that is useful for you and follow all the rules laid down by this email service giant. Use the process that is given here to change the password of your Gmail account.

  • Launch the official website of Gmail on your internet browser and log in to your valid account.

  • Provide the username and password of your account and sign into it to control its major settings.

  • From the top-right corner, select your profile picture and choose the Manage Your Account option.

  • Enter the security section and click on the Password field to start the change password option.

  • Enter the current password of your account to verify your identity and create a new one by using the official criterion.

  • You should enter the password twice to confirm it and you will be able to know more about it.

Thus, you can easily change the password of your account by using a desktop or mobile device. If you want to know more about the official process of How To Change Gmail Password, connect to the Gmail customer service to gain further information about the modification of your account password. Use the official phone number to get in touch with its customer service to obtain additional detail.