Google Play Not Responding, Fix Via Google Customer Service Number

Google Play Store enables the users to get the apps in an Android gadget. The apps are free and paid and are classified into various categories. In short, Google Play store makes ‘a Phone a Smartphone’. But sometimes, Google Play Store becomes unresponsive when Google Not Responding is the error and as a result, users get annoyed to fix the same.

Google Play Store Not responding , Here is  Comprehensive Solution

  • Clear the caches and delete data
  • Open Settings on your Android device.
  • Scroll down the page and tap on Apps or Application Manager.
  • Application page will appear and will show the list of installed app. Select Google Play Store.
  • Scroll down the page and tap on ‘Clear Cache’.
  • In the same page, you will get an option; ‘Clear Data’ tap on it and wipe out the data.

Uninstall Updates

  • Sometimes the updates create the issues, so uninstall the same.
  • Open Settings on your device.
  • And then, tap on Apps/Application Manager.
  • Select Google Play Store from the list of applications as Google Not Responding.
  • On the page, you will get the option ‘Uninstall Updates’, tap on it.

These two methods will fix the issues, if not, then reset your device. If all the methods fail, then contact Google Play Customer Service. The geeks will resolve the issues within a quick span of time. Their solution is quite effective and fruitful, so get in touch with them to fix the issues of the Google Play Store.

Resolve Google Not Responding via Toll Free Number

Google LLC is a legend which has changed the way the world used to communicate and the world used to do the business. Google has launched various tools and internet services and products which have proved to be boon for various businesses and has transformed the homo sapiens communication method. In short, Google has contributed into the internet revolution to such an extent that most of the internet users around the world are using directly or indirectly the Google products.

If you are using Google and facing the trouble of Google not responding, then go through following troubleshooting steps:

  • Reboot Your Device:
  • For Windows device:

          1. Open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Task- bar and then clicking on “Start     Task Manager”.

          2. When you click on Task Manager, a window appears,on that window, you need to select “Google Chrome”, then, click on “End Task”.

  • For Mac device:

          1.You need to click on the “Apple Menu” icon on the upper right and then, select Force Quit.

           2. Restart your Mac machine.


  • Clear Browsing Data:

This is one of the fundamental troubleshooting steps that are taken to solve the error of Google not responding.

  • For Win and Mac:

Click on three dots present at top right corner of the google, you will get a number of options.

Click on More tools, then, select Clear Browsing Data .

Select “Advanced” and select time upto which you want to clear the browsing data.

Click on “Clear Data”.

  • Update or Reinstall Google :

See if the Google is updated. Nowadays, in latest version, Google automatically notifies the user to update its version if new update is available.This automatically fixes various bugs.

For Mac, use MacMaster to completely remove the undesired apps and the apps which are no longer in use.

  • Network Could be the Culprit:

  • If you are using LAN, then, see if your LAN is properly connected.

  • Using router then power it off and on again.

  • Disconnect Wi-Fi and reconnect it.

  • Switch to another Wi-Fi and see if it is working, if google works on Wi-Fi other than yours, then, contact your internet service provider.

  • Hardware Acceleration Could be Posing the Problem:

  • Hardware acceleration makes your processor run fast when it is needed i.e. it makes your system to perform some functions to run efficiently.

  • Click on more icon present at the top right corner.

  • You will get “Settings” option, click on this option.

  • On Settings page, click on “Advanced”.

  • In Advanced, when you scroll down, you will get an option “System”, click on it.

  • Under System, toggle off “Use hardware acceleration when required.

  • Close Faulty Plug In or Extension:

  • Open the tab in the incognito window. If the page works in the incognito window, this means that there is something wrong with plug-in or extension.

  • Click on More.

  • Select More Tools, then select Task Manager.

  • Select some extensions randomly  to “End process “.

  • Reset Google Settings:

  • Click on More and select Settings.

  • Click on “Advanced” and scroll down.

  • Click on “Reset” and “Reset” again.

Go on and try the above troubleshooting steps to solve the error of Google not responding.

However, you can contact Google customer service / tech support executives by dialing Google helpline number.

In order to get instant support you can also dial Google Toll free number.

The customer service/ tech support executives are very adept, professional and treat their customers with warm, regard and friendliness and give the solution end-to-end. So, when you need the help, call on Google helpline number. The customer support executives are also present on Google Toll Free Number, avail the support services of Google by calling on either Google helpline number or Google Toll Free Number.