How To Get To The Prompt in Gmail ?

Google Prompt is a new 2-step verification choice that improves the functionality of the second verification step by pressing a prompt to a connected smartphone that you need to tap on to allow or deny the request.

2-step verification, also called 2-factor authentication, is a popular security option to improve the sign-in security of Google accounts.

As the name implicitly implies, instead of entering a username and password to sign in, the second form of verification is required to complete the process.

Steps to get to the Google prompts

  • Go to the Sign-In and Security page on the Google website’s my account page.

  • Click on the 2-Step verification on the page.

  • You are asked to enter the password of the Google account in question if 2-Step verification has been already authorized. If that is the scenario, proceed to configure Google Prompt.

  • If not, proceed with the consequent step, and you are not asked to enter the account password at that point.

  • If you have not established 2-Step verification yet, kindly do that. This requires you to add a phone number to your Google Account. Click on the Get Started link.

  • Type in your Google Account password for verification.

  • Then you need to select the country flag the phone is registered in, and type in the phone number afterwards.

  • Google then sends a verification code or calls you using the phone number you have typed in. You have to enter that verification code as confirmation on the page to proceed. There is an option to resend it if required.

  • Click on the turn-on link to finish the procedure.

How to Set the Google Prompt ?

  • Select the Google Prompt option beneath, set up another second step, and click add phone underneath it.

  • An overlay cover explains what Google Prompt is: Sign in to your Google prompt. Instead of entering verification codes, get a notification on your smartphone and click on Yes to sign in.

  • Click on Get Started to initiate the setup.

  • Google tries to find a suitable phone. If that is the situation, select the phone and proceed.

  • If that fails, select set up your Android-based phone or configure iPhone 5S or the later models.

  • You must add the Google set up as an account initially on Android-based phones and then try again linking the device to Google Prompt.

  • This completes establishing the connection, and you will receive push prompts on the device afterwards when you sign in and need to complete a second verification step.

Therefore, if you were wondering How do I get to the prompt in Gmail, then kindly follow the process mentioned above.