How To Reset Gmail Password Without Phone Number 

Gmail email service is the fastest as well as the easiest email provider that can be accessed on systems and also on mobile devices. For this the user needs to have their gmail account and if they are accessing it from the mobile then they should have the gmail app installed on their systems.

On the other hand, there are various issues that come up while accessing the gmail account concerning the passwords. Issues related to the gmail password is really common and among which Gmail Password reset issue is the major one.

Therefore, so as to reset the password there are methods that the user can utilize and further can change it without any issue. The password can be reset with and without the use of the users phone number. Gmail Password Reset Without Number method is processed when the user don’t have their phone number that they have entered at the time of registering their account.

Hence, for resetting the gmail account password the users simply need to follow the Gmail Password Reset steps that are mentioned below and further the user can get back the access of their gmail account. The password reset method is simple but there are few things that the user needs to remember when processing it such as the email address for which the reset is done should be entered correctly and also the current and the new password needs to be mentioned in the correct way.

  • First of all the user needs to open the website of gmail i.e. in any of the web browser.

  • Then, the user is supposed to sign in to their gmail account.

  • The user can sign in with the use of gmail address and its account password.

  • After this the user is then required to select on the gear like icon that is mentioned at the top of the user’s gmail account page.

  • Further the user need to select on the settings menu and from there they should proceed further to the next step.

  • Now, select on the accounts and import tab menu.

  • From there the user is supposed to select on the change password option.

  • In the given space, the user is required to enter their current password correctly.

  • If the user don’t remember their current password, then they can create a new one.

  • Now, in the new password option the user is supposed to enter their new password correctly in the given space.

  • The user again need to enter their new password so as to confirm it.

  • Lastly, the user need to select on save password so as to confirm and save it for accessing of their account.

Therefore, this is the answer for the question How to reset Gmail Password that the user needs to follow so as to change their account password. Besides, the user should remember that whenever they are processing these steps they enter the correct credential and specially the new password so that they don’t face any problem when signing in to their account.

Furthermore, if the users still face any issue related to these steps or have any problems regarding it, then they can straightaway call on the Gmail Password Reset Number and can talk with the concerned representatives. This number is mainly fir getting assistance regarding password issues of gmail. The executives available on this number are experts and have all the information that the users should have concerning their gmail account and resetting of their account password.