How to Create Labels In Gmail

Gmail account always keeps you away from the hassles. It is quite true and this is why it offers various features and products to manage your account for a long time. In the Gmail account labels play a hugely important roll in the form of the folder. Labels can organize your emails by settings up labels in your Gmail account and when you for the first time create your Gmail account, you can see the label at the bottom of your Gmail account. It is possible to add more than one label to a message and doing that is quite easy once when you will try to do it.

Anybody can create and edit the label in the Gmail account by using several devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android device. If you are in the doubt that how someone can add and create labels in Gmail by using Android device, for that aim, you have to follow the steps pointed down.

  • First of all, go to the Android device and open your Gmail account app.
  • Enter the correct email address and password and press the sign in button.
  • Now you can check your inbox showing on the first page, from where you have to look at the labels.
  • A tab will be open after clicking on that and start the procedure now on.
  • Go to the message to open tap the label button to add and remove very simply.
  • Having done the task you can tap the OK button at the end of the procedure.

By this way, if you want to know more how it is possible to add more labels error-free, you can press the add more button. it will ask you add more labels and it works like a folder on your device. Later on, if there is an issue you are not able to edit and add the more labels, even not able to see the labels, and want to fix that issue somehow you can make a call at Gmail Customer Service Number and get the issue fixed with ease by the techies at any time.