How To Add 2- Step Verification In Gmail Account

Are you getting error message while using your Gmail account ? If your email account has got sluggish or not working properly,you are at the right place. Gmail has appointed  a large team of experts who are authorized and certified. Account holders can ask all queries which are creating problem to them. For contacting support team, there is need to reach helpline number.

Issues Fixed By Customer Support Team?

  • How email address name can be changed in Gmail?
  • How can I set strong password for Gmail account?
  • How may I merge charter email account to Gmail?
  • How to get emails from trash and spam items?
  • How folder can be created for my Gmail account?
  • How are the ways to recover Gmail account?
  • Why am I not able to import Gmail contacts to Hotmail?

Those who needs solution to any of the above listed issues, they should connect with customer support team. Support team will understand all your requirements and suggest you with better solutions. Users are required to dial Gmail tech support number.

There are number of issues that has been solved by technical experts. Here, individual can see solution to one:

How May I Add Two-Step Verification in Gmail?

  • First, user should open Gmail and go to “Account settings”
  • User should go to“Security”
  • From two step verification,tap “Settings”
  • Choose “Start Setup”option now
  • Now, a text message will appear to your phone screen by using unique code
  • Individual need to identify and enter specific code
  • Tap the “Next” option now
  • Click the option of “Confirm”
  • There is need to select “Do this later”
  • Select either Android or iPhone which is next to “Mobile application”
  • Individual may see the QR Code which has been shown by Gmail
  • On the side bar, you can open the “Authy app” and click “Scan QR code”
  • The camera will scan your QR code
  • Enter “Token” which has been sent as the “Code”
  • Tap“Verify and Save” and process will get complete

There are people who will not be satisfied by the solution of the above issue,it is required for the user to contact customer support team. Gmail Customer support team will try to analyse issue and come up with unique solutions. To contact support team, it is required to use Gmail technical support number, this number can be dialled anytime and from anywhere.